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Murder & Crime Norwich


This absorbing collection delves into the villainous deeds that have taken place in Norwich and its surrounding area. Cases of murder, robbery, assault and fraud are all examined as the darker side of the city's past is exposed. From cases as famous as the murder of William of Norwich, which lead to the expulsion of the Jewish race in England in 1290, to little-known crimes such as the tragic case of a man suffering from depression murdering his fiancée. This book sheds a new light on the city's criminal history. Illustrated with a wide range of archive material and modern photographs, Murder & Crime Norwich is sure to fascinate both residents and visitors alike as these shocking events of the past are revealed for a new generation. ISBN: 9780752456560 £9.99 Available from all good book shops or from The History Press.


Old Norwich A Photographic Journey


Old Norwich; A Photographic Journey presents a number of old images, in both black and white and colour, depicting Norwich in a bygone era. From houses to businesses, to public houses, to people, including a dancing bear in Earlham Road and a rare picture of Town Crier Mr Childerhouse taken in the Victorian era, each photograph and postcard provides a glimpse into what Norwich used to be in the first half of the twentieth century and earlier. Michael Chandler guides the reader through the streets of old Norwich, pointing out the interesting historical facts connected with each snapshot of the past. These photographs will prove a valuable treat to those interested in Norwich's Past. ISBN: 9781445616452 £14.99 Available from all good books shops or from Amberley Publishing.


Old Norwich


Few cities can boast of a heritage as rich as Norwich's. Visitors wonder at the churches which have dominated the city's skyline for centuries, and the beautiful architecture which sits on Europe's largest intact medieval street pattern. Formerly England's second city, the city of Norwich benefits today from its prosperous past as a home of considerable mercantile wealth and cultural activity. The face of Norwich has changed considerably in recent decades - admittedly not all of them for the better. Three Baedeker Raids during the Second World War, targeted at Norwich because of its heritage value, destroyed hundreds of buildings including Bonds of Norwich department store. Further deliberate damage has been caused by poor planning decisions - such as the demolition of the Norwich Hippodrome to make way for St Giles multi-storey car park. Despite this, Norwich remains one of the most attractive cities in the UK. George Plunkett has left Norwich a permanent legacy in the form of thousand of images which have captured the city's development from the 1930s to the new millennium. Michael Chandler has a real passion for Norwich and its history. His depth of knowledge and eagerness to share the stories of the city and its people is apparent to anyone who has met him. For better and for worse, social, political and economic drivers during the 20th century are behind the Norwich that we know and love today. I hope you will, like me, find this book to be a fascinating insight into the city's past and present. Simon Wright Member of Parliament for Norwich South. ISBN: 9781840336139 £14.95 Available from all good book shops or from Stenlake Publishing Ltd.


The Norwich Plaque Guide


The Norwich Plaque Guide uses handy maps and photographs to tell the story behind the many and varied plaques to be found adoring buildings, monuments and statues around the city of Norwich. This is a unique publication, featuring the lives of the amazing Norwich men and women whose contributions to the arts and sciences, as well as to the greater good of mankind, are commemorated around the city. Impeccably researched and lavishly illustrated, this comprehensive book provides a fresh and enlightening insight into the lives of such luminaries as Sir John Mills, William Kemp and Sir Thomas Browne, amongst many others. ISBN: 9780752456072 £9.99 Available from all good book shops or from The History Press.


Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rebellion (ebook)


Robert Kett was a middle aged yeoman farmer from Wymondham, Norfolk. In 1549 he led a rebellion supporting the common man in tearing down enclosed fences that the rich had put up. Kett and his men met up at an old oak tree in Hethersett which is now known as Kett's oak and they marched on to Norwich and camped at Mousehold Heath. In a short time Kett had over 16,000 men on his side. A royal army of 1,5000 soldiers was sent to quail the situatin, but it was no match for Kett's men and he city was soon in his hands. Another royal army of 14,000 men was sent led by the Earl of Warwick and the rebellion was quashed. Robert and his brother William was arrested and charged with treson. On 7th December Robert was executed at Norwich Castle and William at Wymondham Abbey. Today Robert is a here in Norwich for supporting a common cause. ASIN: B007CGH05S


The Hertfordshire Tragedy (ebook)


John Thurtall was born in Norwich on 21 December 1794. His father Thomas was Alderman in Norwich and later Mayor. Aged 15, John received a commission in the royal marines, but a year later he was discharged for misconduct. By 1819 he was a bombasin manufacturer and boxing match promoter. He left Norwich under a cloud and met up with solicitor and gambler William Weare. A confrontation took place over a game of cards which Weare won £3000 and Thurtall claimed that Weare had cheated him out of money. Thurtall killed Weare and was charged with murder along with William Probert and Joseph Hunt. Probert turned evidence against the other two, although some believed that he was the main guilty party. He would later be hanged for horse stealing. Joseph Hunt was sent to Australia where he sttled down in lifeand became police constable. John Thurtall was executed for the murder at Hertford Gaol on 9 January 1824. ASIN:B0087G26JE


William Kemp's Nine Days Wonder A Dance from London to Norwich (ebook)


William Kemp, who died in London n 2 November 1603, and is buried in St Saviours, Southwark was an actor, comic and dancer and he was one of the original players in William Shakespeare's early dramas. The most famous role that he played was that of 'Sir John Falstaff'. Kemp's most famous roles was that of 'Dogberry' in 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Peter' in 'Romeo and Juliet', he also appeared as 'Costard' in 'Love's Labours Lost', 'Bottom' in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Lancelot Gobbo' in 'The Merchant of Venice', and 'Cob' in Ben Jonsons 'Everyman in his Humour'. In February and March 1600 Kemp morris danced from London to Norwich which took him nine days over several weeks. He published a book later in the year to prove his doubters. ASIN:B00BQ27LI0


Lord Gordon and the Gordon Riots (ebook)


On 2nd June 1780 a huge crowd estimated at 40,000 to 60,000 strong, assembled and marched on to the House of Parliament. Many of them carried flags and banners proclaiming 'No Popery', and most wore blue cockades which had become the symbol of their movement. As they marched, their number swelled. They attempted to force their way into the House of Commons, but without success. Lord Gordon, petition in hand, and wearing in his hat the blue cockade of the Protestant Association, entered the commons and presented the petition. Outside, the situation quickly got out of hand and a riot erupted. Members had failed to take steps to prevent violence breaking out. The Prime Minister, Lord North, had forgotten to issue an order mobilising the small number of constables in the area. Those that were present in the House of Commons were not strong enough to take on the angry mob. Eventually a detachment of soldiers were summoned, and they dispersed the crowd without violence. Inside the House of Commons, the petition was overwhelmingly dismissed by a vote of 192 to 6. Lord Gordon was later sentenced to Newgate Gaol after a chance meeting in Ipswich had him converted to orthodox Judaism. ASIN: B00BPB3L51


Susannah Holmes and Henry Kable, Australia's First Dynasty Family (ebook)


Norwich Castle Prison in the year 1786 and 22 year old Susannah Holmes has been imprisoned for three years awaiting sentencing for breaking into the house of Jabez Taylor. The father of her child was fellow convict Henry Kable who had been convicted of house breaking in Thetford. Both were sent to Australia and within a few years Henry became a very successful business man and the chief of police. ASIN: B00BRYGA4E




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