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Whether you are a business client or a personal client with a story to tell, then make us your first port of call. With over thirty years of media experience we can help you gain the best publicity that is available, whilst protecting your good name at all times.


We deal directly with the national television and radio companies along with the major press agencies and we make sure that your story is sympathetically told and at the same time gaining you the best fee possible.

Extremely attractive package deals are available which will always remain cost effective to you, the client.




Why Should I sell to East Anglia Media City?

As Publicity and Media Agents we will take the stress away from you and we will choose the best publication for your story, even selling abroad.


Why Not Deal with a Newspaper/Magazine Direct?

By doing this you could under sell your story and price yourself out of the market. We work hard to find you the best deal possible.


Will I Sign a Contract?

We will confirm to you via email who will be publishing your story and for how much. The signing of a contract with the publishers is classed as a good practice as it's legally binding, especially where your fees are concerned.

If I Decide to Sell What are the Next Stages?

We will tell you what paper(s) or Magazine(s) we will be selling to before a full edit is done and once we receive communication from the company involved we will call you to do a full interview.


How Much Will I be Paid?

We here at East Anglia Media City strive to get you the best price which can be anything from £500 to £1,000 and front page editions can bring up to £10,000. This can be more as we deal with many papers and magazines abroad.

Do I Pay You?

If we as a company are paid by the buyer then there is no fees/charges to you. If this is not the case then our fees will be between 10-20% of the amount received.


Do I Have to Give My Name Out?

No, but this can reduce your fees unless it comes under the terms when legally publications can not use your name.


I Need Time to Think about It

We here at East Anglia Media City want you to be completely satisfied before undertaking such actions as publishing your story.

Is There a Code of Practice?

Yes, East Anglia Media City abides by the Editor's Code of Practice.



Please e-mail your proposals of which we aim to reply ASAP


Please e-mail your stories and articles of which we aim to reply with 72 hours. If your case is urgent, then please mark it as such and we will reply within hours.

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